November 6, 2023

Weekly Group Mini Reading This may hit for some but not all. It's directed toward the group so who it is for depends on what spirits come through and the cards that are drawn. I hope his for you. ~ Much Love

Right now there appears to be a definitive lack of movement that is weighing on you. As hard as it is to move past worrying about it, try to see yourself successfully moving forward and concentrate on that when you start to worry. You may be surprised at how quickly things begin to move.

The main core of this seems to be the need and lack of money coming in. It's just not happening yet. But you are turning a corner by the end of the month. Things will look different for you in a good way. Movement will begin in a few different areas of your life.

I will tell you to be observant. There are treasures to be found in the oddest of places. Now is a time for you to find a few of them so eye to the ground, and the trees, and the sky, well everywhere! You never know where you're going to find unexpected things or people. Yes they are treasures too.

Financial dealings with others, or more importantly getting financial advice is not wise for the next week or so. I would say two weeks actually. I'm hearing there are three people who are going to give you faulty advice with the best of intentions. So weigh things carefully before acting.

Finally a little emotional issue when it comes to family. It's not huge, it just needs to be sorted out. One of you involved in this situation is a bit high strung. If it is you try to take it down a notch so that you can see what is truly being said. Next week is going to be a much better week. In the mean time have a beautiful and blessed day!

Good morning,

Here is your weekly mini reading for Nov. 13, 2023. This will hit some of you but not all. I hope it resonates with you. ~ Much Love ❤

The main issue is talking about feeling alone and so tired of having to defend the things you say or ideas that those around you disagree with. They can't see what you do. You are right on the money so try and stand tall. This doesn't mean fight with them. That will detract from your position. It does mean hold your ground try not to cave. Those who should hear it will. You may not realize it but you are more empowered than you realize.

I love your energy. At home you rule the roost. You're powerful and gentle and wear your emotions all over you. Your heart is written on your face. People can tell what you're thinking and feeling at any given moment. Sometimes I think more than you can. You may be physically open about emotions, but you very rarely talk about them and that's ok for now.

Things have been going against you for the past couple months, but that is changing. The tide is definitely turning, and you should begin to notice it by the end of the month. It's a growing positive movement that touches all aspects of your life. Make sure you try to steer your thoughts to a good place. Keep them as positive as possible. Yes, that's hard but try. It will do you and your forward movement a world of good. So, chin up. The worst is almost over. The sun is starting to truly shine. Trust.
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