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Heather Russo, 2023

"I have been going to Raven for 18+ years - she has helped me through every life event a person can experience during that time. From the very first time I met with her, Raven’s accuracy, authenticity, love and passion have been paramount! I have referred many friends and family to her over the years and even the skeptical believers were astonished with the tiniest ‘random’ fact she would state was accurate or manifested! Whenever I have anything in my life I am contemplating - I consult Raven - she has never disappointed or from my experience been wrong. She was even able to help connect to my mother upon her passing - telling me things only my mom would know or say. Raven is the real deal and amazing is not even strong enough of a descriptor to use for her and her gifts!"

Barbara Fowle, 2023

"Raven has done readings for me for eight years now. She has given me things to look out for, like having covid. She always brings in the positive future to look forward to. She brings out my children's personalities very well. She has brought lots of messages from loved ones who are no longer with us. We still look at license plates in the moment for messages. Highly recomend her and her readings."

Barry L, 2023

"Her readings are spot-on and always honest. She has a definite gift and there's a readon why i still come to her after years."

Linda Hooper, 2023

"I have known Raven for about 20 years and time and again her readings have been accurate, she has connected me with spirit and she has proven that she is the real thing. Her guidance and assistance with finding my own spiritual path has been invaluable."

Judy Paglia, 2923

"I have had numerous readings with Raven over many years, and she has been awesome, always accurate and on point. She has known things that no one could know; names, incidents, etc, and her guidance has been incredibly helpful to me over the years....highly recommend!"

Kathleen Fosher, 2033

You are amazing at what you do I highly recommend you to everyone I know that enjoys the services you provide You are the real deal And I can’t wait for my next reading with you Thank you so much

Jennifer Shottes, 2023

I have used Raven’s services over the years, past 12+ years. House blessings Medium connection to loved ones and Tarot reading both short reading to the full year ahead readings. What is astonishing is that she is always on point and gives clear precise messages. She is a true blessing with the gift of beautiful healing energy and insight. She is able to bring your loved ones forward and a feeling that they have pulled up a chair at the table and joined the conversation. A bit of advice be open and honest with no intentions set and she is so on point . You will be astonished !!!

Cliff Hilton, Oct., 2023 Love the website silvermoonmedium.com it is a captivating and insightful portal into the mystical world of psychic readings. Navigating the site is a breeze, with a user-friendly interface that immediately draws you in. Your expertise shines through in the detailed descriptions of services, which range from tarot readings to medium consultations. You offer thought-provoking content, showcasing your deep knowledge of metaphysical topics. What truly sets you apart is your personalized approach. I have always been impressed by the accuracy and depth of your readings. Whether you're a seasoned seeker or a newcomer to the world of psychic guidance, Raven Duclos' website is a must-visit destination for those looking to explore the mystical realm and gain valuable insights into their life's journey. Thank you so very much for the work you do.

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