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PLEASE NOTE: Spiritual Life Coaching is NOT a counceling session. We are NOT mental health specialists and enourage you, if this the type of help you think you may need, to please seek it out. If you are in crisis please contact Samhsa-Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Spiritual Life Coach

Spiritual Life Coaching(SLC) is conducted in sessions either virtually or in person. This is a safe space for you to explore your beliefs, your experiences and your truth and discover your path forward. You are helped with not only enhancing your life through your connection with your authentic self, but attaining your goals because of that connection with your own spirit. SLC can help you to understand how your spirit and your inner knowledge helps you manifest your ideals and moves you through the doubts and fears you may be holding onto by recognizing and understanding whats holding you back so you can work your way through it. SLC helps you see where you're not being real with yourself and where you can wake up to the beautiful shining light you are.

Slowly but surely, through encouragement, self-enlightment and support you will learn to embrace your true self. Learn about what your spirit can do to help you ,manifest your goals. Learn also what your abilities can do to move you forward. You will learn about them in a practical way that will help you maneuver your life path and move it into a goal oriented way of working with your spirit instead of against it. Yes, this can be intensive, uplifting and eye-opening. It will help you see and recognize more about yourself than you ever thought you could. This is seen in both the natural world and in the metaphysical one. It's a wonderful way to release the thoughts and emotions that prevent you from moving forward.

SLC helps you to tap into your intuition. This is when you start to see everything fall into place. This is where you start to trust your inner guidance. When coincidences happen frequently putting you in the right place at the right time. It's when you start to know you can, instead of just thinking you can. It's where you consciously find your joy, experience more peace and have more fulfillment in your relatonships. It's how you were meant to live. Be your AUTHENTIC self. Be who you were always meant to be. Love yourself for who you are. This is your time.

Please contact us with questions at SLC@SilverMoonMedium.com

Spiritual Life Coaching
Introductory Session: $150.00
Recurring Sessions: $100.00

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