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Why can't my medium connect with my spirits?

This is such a complex question because there are so many reasons a medium may not be able to get in touch with your spirits on any given day. Let's start with the most obvious. There's something going on with your medium. S/he may be under the weather, stressed out or just having a bad day. Anything that affects your medium may affect their ability to connect. In this case the best idea is to wait until they let you know they're ready and revisit it then or try a different medium. If your medium was the issue, a new medium may be able to connect with no problem. If the issue is with the spirits, and yes it can be, then your new medium probably wont be able to connect either. In this case wait a month and try again. Remember no one is infalable and not everyone is 100% on 100% of the time. Having said that, your medium should not charge you for your session if s/he can't connect with your spirits. If there is a particular one your looking for and others you recognize come in with messages, memories and the like, you should still pay your medium. This applies to all the reasons of not being able to connect.

This brings us to sessions where the spirits you want to connect with wont come in. Don't take it as they don't want to talk to you. There are a bunch of reasons why they stay away. First and most impoortantly is they are helping someone in the family to heal or cross over. In this case, I've found they all gather with the person they are trying to help. This has their total attention. It is a beautiful thing that they do and the recipients truly benefit from it.
Another reason could be they haven't processed enough yet. Processing, as I was told by my spirits, is a process of going over everything from your life. For some it takes days and for others eons. It all depends on what they couldn't face in this world. It's not a negative time but a time of owning things they've done.They are still with your other loved ones on the other side and they are loved as much as they allow themselves to be. I haven't seen a spirit in a highly negative place in all my readings unless it's self-imposed. But this isn't black and white and like most situations, it depends on what's going on with the spirit.

Another reason they may not want to talk is there may be things they feel you are not ready to hear. In this case your medium should be able to assertain if this is the case and ask for permission from you if it's ok to proceed. Will that do it? Maybe not. The final say belongs to the spirits. In this case, as in others I would revisit it at a later time. So there are a few reasons why your medium may not be able to connect. I hope this helps you understand when things go awry during a session, as I see it. One other thing. You can always try talking to your spirits a couple of days before your session. Let them know how much connection means to you. You may not be able to hear them answer you but it may make a difference in your session. Have a beautiful and blessed day. ~ Much love <3

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