We take clearings very seriously. People and businesses under what seems to be an attack from an unseen force needs to be dealt with asap. There are many levels and reasons for spirit interactions, negative or positive. They range from a non-issue to a severe one and everything in between. Each case is unique and we treat it as such. We will do everything we can to clear the issue, if needed, and handle things so that you have no more worries. If we deem the spirits or energies in your home are highly negative there will be no charge for the clearing.

Home and land clearings are assessed during a consultation. Consultations last about an hour. Decisions as to how to proceed take place after our medium has discovered what or who is on your land and whether or not they are a threat to anyone. If they are we will discuss a plan of action and move forward from there. We do not take this lightly. Chances are there is nothing harmful. Maybe just misunderstood which, if this is the case, can be resolved fairly easily and in the best way for you and the spirits.

Home Clearings
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Home blessings are conducted to give an extra layer of spiritual support when buying, moving to a new home or clearing residual negative energy. The location is cleared and cleansed room by room, floor by floor and then sealed and blessed. This will prevent unwanted spirits or energies from gaining access to your home and move troublesome spirits to where they belong. A consultation is not needed for blessings.

House Blessings
Remote: $125.00
In Person: $175.00

Give one of these sessions as a gift. Beautiful Gift Certificates ae now available. Please let us know if you'd like your gift cetificate by putting GC next to your service name, also if you'd like them sent to you or if you would like to pick them up.

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Business Clearings are conducted when your, or your staff feels there is something not quite human at your place of business. Raven has over thirty years of experience clearing business and homes for clients with a great success rate. Ninety percent of all clearings are either spirits who need help, or spirits who are connected to people at your place of business. It's rare for something truly negative to be in a place but we will deal with it if there is.

During the consultation we will go over all aspects of your business. This includes both the inside and outside of the property. We will then put our focus on you and your staff. This will tell us who is there and why. We will then discuss what comes next.

If a clearing is warranted, we will go over all the steps we will take to deal with the situation. We ALWAYS deal in the most humane way with the spirits. They will leave once we help them and if they don’t, well they’ll be evicted.

Business Clearings
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