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Our classes are designed to help you enhance your abilities in one area or many. Classes cover one subject each but over time will cover a multitude of diverse subjects. These classes utilize information and hands on applications. Some do require purchasing materials for the course or class which are usually available through us or from a local supplier.

Our classes are designed to teach you on one subject at a time. We have bundles available as well.

Some of topics of the classes will be: Interactive Intuitive Work, Energy Manipulation, Manifesting, Pendulmn Divination and Scrying. There are more subjects designed to open you to the many facets of the psychic mind included in the course. For a brochure and our current corriculum please send your email to and we will send you the requested information as soon as it is available.

All classs are given online on Meet. Directions to join will be sent upon enrollment.

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