Silver Moon Medium Services was established by Raven Duclos in August of 2023. I am located in Manchester NH, but most of our services are either done online, phone or in person. We offer a wide variety of medium based services such as readings, consultations for businesses and personal spirit matters. I also help people who feel spirits around them. I will be teaching classes and ongoing courses to enhance your life, your practice and for exploration of the mysterious world of Spirits and Metaphysics. It's all about connection.


Raven has a strong spiritual and mystical orientation, and her intuition is multi-faceted and complex. Raven has been a seeker of spiritual knowledge researching many paths and spiritual traditions. Since the age of four she has been aware of more than this realm of consciosness. Her seeking and experimentation only served to open her mind to the countless spirits and entities that surround us. Her readings are given in a compassionate and loving way that enable her clients to recieve the healing, closure and foreknowledge that they need and deserve.

In between exploring different paths, Raven co-founded Ghost Quest Paranormal Research Society in 2004. She, Beckah, Katie Boyd and other team members sought to prove that spirits are real. They did this during the span of 10 years and through a huge amount of evidence. It was phenomenal experience. They produced a local tv show that spread quickly amongst local surrounding towns and ran for two years. She helped a lot of people who were experiencing paranormal activity, which was at times, severe. It was always resolved in a good way and it was successful in the long term. Negative spirits were dealt with during clearings. Other spirits were guided to where they belonged or they were connected to loved ones on the other side so they could go home happy. This was one of Raven's passions. Dealing with spirits who needed the help and providing it successfully.

She cut back doing a lot of public appointments and events for a while due to illness and family issues. She is now, once again, following her passions which were never far away from her thoughts.

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