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Welcome to Silver Moon Medium Services

Raven Duclos started Silver Moon Medium Servies to have a place to group all of the services she offers. She is a Psychic Medium with over forty years of work in various areas of the field. She offer a wide variety of Evidential Medium and Psychic services. These include Medium and Tarot readings as well as Spiritual Life Coaching (SLC). She also conducts personal and business readings, blessings and clearings, energy healings as well as teach classes to enhance your life, your practice and for exploration of the mysterious world of Divination, Spirits and Metaphysics.

She is available for readings Monday through Saturday from 10am - 6pm est. Thank you for stopping by. She is looking forward to helping you on the next step of your journey or to help in any way you may need.

To learn more about Raven please click here.
If you'd like to book a reading, service or have questions about what she does, please call 603.540.4145.


Gift Certificates are great for the holidays or anytime you want to gift someone special with connection to loved ones who have crossed, or insight into what's coming up. You'll find information og Gift Certificates with each service.

Please call with any questions 603.540.4145


The Orb is a ball of spirit
energy much like the spirit
that is in all of us. Our
Orb is the energy that fires
musings that are posted
weekly. Some are based
upon questions Raven recieves
from clients. She also writes
about experiences and
uplifting enounters. It's up to
you how far The Orb travels.
Check it out each Monday.


Heather Russo, 2023
"I have been going to Raven for 18+ years - she has helped me through every life event a person can experience during that time. From the very first time I met with her, Raven’s accuracy, authenticity, love and passion have been paramount!
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  • We are located in Manchester NH. Please contact us by phone: 603.540.4145, email: or contact us on FaceBook at SilverMoonMediumServices.

This Weeks Orb

Why can't my medium connect with my spirits?

This is such a complex question because there are so many reasons a medium may not be able to get in touch with your spirits on any given day. Let's start with the most obvious. There's something going on with your medium. S/he may be under the weather, stressed out or just having a bad day. Anything that affects your medium may affect their ability to connect. In this case the best idea is to....
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